SharePoint 2010 Wep Part Interview Questions

SharePoint 2010 Interview Question - Web Part
  1. What is web part?
  2. What is custom web part?
  3. Define web part life cycle?
  4. What are the difference between .webpart and .dwp
  5. How SharePoint web part works?
  6. What are the difference between .Net web part and SharePoint web part?
  7. What is web part zone?
  8. What is web part manager sealed class and its purpose?
  9. What are the types of web parts?
  10. What is web part maintenance page in SharePoint?
  11. What are the difference between visual web part and classical web part?
  12. What is web part base class?
  13. How to add web part inside SharePoint site master page?
  14. Difference between web part and user control?
  15. What are the advantages of SharePoint web part?
  16. What is connectable web part?
  17. What is consumer web part?
  18. What is provider web part?
  19. List out the connectable OOTB web parts?
  20. Define web part deployment life cycle?
  21. What are custom properties in web parts?
  22. What is CreateChild Control method?
  23. What RendorContent method does?
  24. How to add and display a control in classical web part?
  25. Can web part deployed as sand box solution?
  26. How to avoid exporting web parts?
  27. How to enable the export property in SharePoint OOTB web part?
  28. Can Visual web part have more than one user control?
  29. Can web part audience targeted?
  30. List all OOTB web part groups?
  31. How to deploy web part using Windows PowerShell?
  32. How to create classical web part using Visual Studio?
  33. How to create visual web part using visual studio?
  34. What is strong name(signing)a web part assembly file?
  35. What are safe controls, and what type of information, is placed in that element in a SharePoint web.config file?
  36. What is the IDesignTimeHtmlProvider interface, and when can you use it in Web Parts?
  37. Why are properties important in WebPart development, and how have you exploited them in past development projects? What must each custom property have?
  38. What are ClassResources? How do you reference and deploy resources with an ASP.NET 2.0 WebPart?
  39. What is web part tool part?
  40. How to create custom toolpart for a web part?
  41. What is a SharePoint Solution File? How does it differ from Web Part .cab files in legacy development? What does it contain?
  42. What deployment mechanism can you use to instigate Code Access Security attributes for your Web Parts?