SharePoint 2010 MasterPage Interview Questions

  1. What is master page and use of it?
  2. Types of master pages in SharePoint?
  3. Is any improvements in SharePoint 2010 master page when compared to SharePoint 2007?
  4. Difference between master pages and SharePoint master pages?
  5. How to set our custom master page as default master page programmatically?
  6. How to configure user controls (.ascx) in master pages?
  7. How to add web parts to the master pages?
  8. Can I use .Net master pages into SharePoint directly?
  9. How to configure the images, css, style sheets in master pages?
  10. What is delegate control and use of it in SharePoint master pages?
  11. What are all types of delegate controls in master pages?
  12. What all are content placeholders in master pages?
  13. I have developed one custom master page and I want to set my custom master page as default master for every newly site collections, site, web etc.?
  14. Difference between SharePoint foundation master pages and SharePoint server master pages?
  15. How to set the custom master as default master to the site in both SharePoint foundation 2010 and SharePoint server2010?
  16. How to set the same masterpage to the child sites in both SharePoint foundation 2010 and SharePoint server2010?
  17. How to hide the “Home” tab(means first node on topNavBar) in master page 2010?
  18. Difference between deploying masterpage using farm solution and sandbox solution?
  19. Can we deploy published site master page into SharePoint foundation sites?
  20. Masterpage and page layouts options missing in the left navigation in SharePoint designer2010?
  21. Event receivers with custom application pages in SharePoint 2010?
  22. What’s the difference between MasterPageFile and DynamicMasterPageFile?
  23. What is the difference between deploying custom master pages either using sandbox and farm solution?