Tuesday, February 12, 2019

O365: Create Planner task from Teams Message

There are many new feature keep coming in Office 365 but there are room for more improvements. Now a days Microsoft and their customers promoting MS Teams for easy collaboration.

MS Teams promoted as easy collaboration tool. Yes, with certain extend. We stopped sending email to team member instead sending Teams message.

How to do any follow up when lot of messages floating in any channel
How to mange tasks from multiple teams and channels

If project team wish to create a new Planner task from MS Teams then there is no feature available in MS Teams. It is be disappointing and question comes on "Is it easy collaboration tool?"

How to create new Planer task from MS Teams message using MS Flow?

  • Create a new MS Flow from empty template
  • Set MS Flow trigger as "When I am mentioned in a Channel message"

  • Initialize a variable
  • Check if Teams message contains subject. If Yes, then set Subject as title else set Teams messaged by as title.

  • Create a new Planner task using planner connector and configure remaining parameters

  • Use Conversion connector to convert the message body to plain text from HTML content type.

  • Update the Planner task description

  • Save the change, Enjoy doing follow up on Teams message.


Run the flow
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