Thursday, April 28, 2016

Create New Site Collection in SharePoint Online

Create new site collection in SharePoint online

Microsoft gives a sophisticated environment for maintaining all content at one place and make it available online all the time. SharePoint online is part of Office 365 suite. If you have SharePoint subscriptions enabled then you are allowed to create new site collections.

Find below the steps to create new site collection SharePoint online.

1. Login to
2. Once landed in Office 365, go to Admin Center and click on SharePoint

3. Once landed in SharePoint Admin center, click on New Private site collection

4. SharePoint begins with creating site collection input form

5. Enter the new site collection details as required

6. Enter the site collection administrator's name/id
7.Click on OK Button
8. SharePoint process the new site collection and it takes few minutes

9. New site collection creation process will complete and back to SharePoint Admin Center
10. New site collection will be available in the list of site collection
11.Click on newly created site collection URL to see all properties

12. Click on the web site address to see newly created SharePoint site

13. Newly created site loaded in new window.

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